Product Recommendation

Increase your purchase rates & revenues

Recommend the most relevant products to each customer on all pages of your web site while promoting upselling and cross-selling.

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Upselling on Product Pages:

Increase Your Average Order Value with Upselling!

By displaying upsell offers on product pages that are tailored to your customers' interests, you'll encourage them to upgrade their purchase and ultimately increase your average order value.

Upselling on Product Pages
Email campaigns

Cross-Selling with Complementary Product Placement:

Maximize Your Revenue with Cross-Selling!

Our smart cart and post-purchase page suggest complementary products that pair well with your customers' selections, leading to increased cart value and more revenue per transaction.

Tailored Best-Sellers, New Arrivals, and Promotions:

Drive More Sales with Personalized Collections!

By providing your customers with tailored collections of best-sellers, new arrivals, and promotions based on their interests, you'll increase their engagement with your site and drive more sales.

Upselling on Product Pages
Email campaigns

Alternative Items on Error Pages and Empty Searches:

Retain Customers and Increase Sales with Alternative Options!

When customers land on error pages or empty search results, they can quickly become frustrated and leave your site. But with Favizone's alternative item suggestions, you'll retain those customers and potentially convert them into sales.

Personalized Product Recommendations:

Boost Your Sales with Personalized Product Recommendations!

Favizone's innovative technology analyzes your customers' browsing and purchasing behavior to recommend products that align with their interests and preferences. With personalized product recommendations, you'll increase customer satisfaction and drive more sales.

Upselling on Product Pages